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South African Opera and Globalisation (1994-2022)

  • 12. Mai 2022  –  13. Mai 2022
  • Thursday, 12th May 2022 18.30: Panel Discussion with Jessica Nupen about her Dance|Rap|Opera The Nose (2021) Friday, 13th May 2022 10.00: Welcome and Introduction 10.15-12.00: Panel 1: Opera Productions in and outside of South Africa Dr. Melissa Gerber (University of Johannesburg, South Africa): Opera in Afrikaans, Again, or, Re-making a Genre in South Africa: The Cases of Poskantoor (2014) and Die Vertrek (2019) Dr. Andrew Holden (Oxford Brookes University, UK) and Alessandro Talevi: Emerging from the Forest: Cape Town Opera’s Pandemic Hänsel and Gretel Dr. Robert Fokkens (Cardiff University, UK): Introducing Bhekizizwe: Models and Approaches for Creating New Opera in South Africa and Beyond 12.30-13.30: Panel 2: Mapping the Working Situation of South African Opera Singers M.A. Sakhiseni Joseph Yende (Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa): A Perspective of Young Opera Graduates on their Working Situation in South African Opera Industry B.A. Setsoane Jeannette Ntseki (University of Cape Town, South Africa): Employment in the South African Opera Industry: In search of Constructive Models to Create Sustainable Job Opportunities for Opera Singers/Musicians 13.30-14.30: Panel 3: The South African Opera Voice in Discourse Prof. Dr. Johann Buis (McGill University, Canada): Midas Touch Voice Teacher: The Making of International Opera Superstars in Post-Apartheid South Africa M.A. Joshua Tolulope David (University of Toronto, Canada): More Than Voices: An Analysis of Vocal Models in Operatic Tradition in Africa 15.30-17.00: Panel 4: Developments of the South African Opera Landscape Dr. Tinus Spies (University of Pretoria): The Gauteng Opera Scene 2012-2022: A Performer’s Perspective Prof. Dr. Lena van der Hoven (Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities, University of Bern): The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Pre-Existing Precarity of South Africa’s Opera Scene Dr. Donato Somma (Witwatersrand University, South Africa): The Changing Appetites for Opera in Post-Apartheid SA 17.00-17.30: Final Discussion
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  • Please register for the panel discussion on the 12th May as well as for the symposium on the 13th May by contacting noemie.felber@unibe.ch and you will receive an email with the Zoom-link for the event.
  • noemie.felber@unibe.ch
  • Junges Kolleg: Lena van der Hoven