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From basic research to clinical application: Proteasome inhibitors as drugs for blood cancer and autoimmune diseases

  • 21. Februar 2022  |  09:00 Uhr
  • The proteasome is the major intracellular protease. It cleaves polypeptides in fragments to recycle their building blocks for de novo protein biosynthesis. This function is essential for controlling protein levels, removing damaged entities and ultimately ensuring cell survival. In addition, mammalian proteasome cleavage products are used for immune surveillance and protection against invaders like viruses. Since the 1990s inhibition of the proteasome by small-molecules is being explored. These activities led to the approval of three drugs that emerged to block busters and revolutionized the treatment of multiple myeloma patients. In recent years, selective inhibition of the immunoproteasome, a special proteasome version in immune cells, was shown to be therapeutically effective in autoimmune diseases and chronic inflammations. Drug development efforts cumulated in phase II clinical trials, raising hopes for expanding the clinical application of proteasome inhibitors in the future. This workshop will cover basic research on proteasome inhibitor development and discuss clinical applications as well as future perspectives. The course addresses chemistry and biochemistry (PhD) students or postdocs a well as medical doctors.
  • Wissenschaftliche Veranstaltung
  • Registration Until February 14th 2022 via the following link: https://forms.gle/fkkRPXTtpobXK44T9 Participation is free of charge, but registration is required. The workshop will be online and the number of participants is limited to 250 persons.