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Organisation of the Young Academy


The Young Academy is currently comprised of 20 academics who as a rule should be no older than 34 on joining and who should have their original or chosen place of work and residence in the Free State of Bavaria. Membership is usually limited to three years, but can be extended for a further period of up to three years. Membership automatically ends after six years. The vacancy is then filled, with members who leave the Young Academy early also being replaced. Reasons for leaving the Young Academy early include acceptance of a professorship appointment or another tenured position as well as notice of resignation.

At the end of three years, an evaluation takes place to decide whether the member’s grant should be extended.

The success of the Young Academy depends on regular dialogue as well as cross-generation and interdisciplinary cooperation. The members undertake to organise the following events on their own initiative while they are receiving their grant:

  • A presentation on their research project
  • An interdisciplinary colloquium
  • “Fireside discussions” on topical issues


The research grant recipients receive EUR 1,000 per month for three years to use as they wish. The funding period may be extended up to a maximum of six years.

Financial assistance for organising the colloquiums is also provided.


Dr. Benjamin Schönfeld
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