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Institutional repository and digital databases

The institutional repository

The Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities makes its publications and its research projects available online through its central repository at publikationen.badw.de. The minutes from meetings and papers published by the community of scholars form the core of the institutional repository. These are academic documents of the highest calibre and are usually written by members of the academy. The minutes and papers also serve as a unique record of the academy's contribution to advances in research over its 250-year history.

The academy started systematically scanning older minutes and papers some years ago. A large part of these are already available in the repository. All minutes should be available by the end of 2016 and all papers by the end of 2017. More recent minutes and papers are released for download from the repository two years after they have been published in printed form. If an edition goes out of print before this period, it will be made available earlier.

Link to the institutional repository

Digital library

The library of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities can be viewed via our online catalogue BADW-OPAC

Digital archive

Our online database gives you access to:

  • Membership and voting records
  • Academic legacies of outstanding members
  • Minutes from academy meetings

Link to the online database of the academy archive

Digital publications on BADW.de

You can find out which publications are available online by selecting “Nur Digitalisate (Open Access)” / “Digital only (open access)” in the "Publikationen" (Publications) search screen.

Here, you will also find links to public databases containing content and data from research projects such as the “Lexikon musicum Latinum” in the Trier dictionary network.

Link to the "Publications" search engine at BADW.de.