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Junges Kolleg (Young Academy)

Scientific dialogue, interdisciplinary work and cross-generation cooperation are the objectives of the Young Academy, which the academy established in 2010. It offers the following opportunities to outstanding young scholars from Bavaria:

  • The scientific freedom to work on creative and innovative projects outside of the normal constraints of a university,
  • Financial support in the form of grants (EUR 12,000 per year) and
  • A high-calibre forum to share information with each other and with academy members.

The research projects of the Young Academy examine important issues in the humanities, the social and natural sciences and technology, with particular interest focused on the interfaces with established fields of science.

A key criterion for admission of candidates to the Young Academy is that their project has to be innovative and creative in nature. Science thrives on dialogue. That is why the up-and-coming scholars in the Young Academy take part in a series of events every year. They also organise their own events including workshops, interdisciplinary colloquiums or “fireside discussions” on topical scientific and public policy issues.

The Young Academy is financed by the Bavarian State Ministry for Education and Culture, Science and Art. Since 2013, two grants have been funded by the Rosner & Seidl Foundation, which supports research projects focusing on environmental science, ecology, sustainability and the preservation of local culture and traditions.