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dhmuc. network

Networking and promoting young talent in the digital humanities

Digital humanities is an interdisciplinary field that touches different cultural and educational institutions in similar ways. In order to do justice to the interdisciplinary nature of this field, the academy collaborates with the Bavarian State Library, the Ludwig-Maximilian University, the German Museum and other partners within the framework of the Digital Humanities in Munich (dhmuc.) network.

The dhmuc. network has a number of key aims. These include strengthening the position of digital humanities within the research hub of Munich, establishing an open publishing culture, enabling free access to knowledge on the internet and promoting training and further education in the field of digital humanities.

To support these goals, the dhmuc. network organises an annual digital humanities summer school and hosts workshops and public conferences on issues relating to digitalisation. Many of these events are held in collaboration with the Munich Historical Sciences Cluster of Excellence.

The dhmuc. network's working group meets every month and is open to all education and research institutes in Munich. For further information, write to: digitalisierung(at)badw.de

Link to the dhmuc. network website.