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Workforce Representation

The Section speakers, Staff Council, Equal Opportunities Officers and the Disability Liaison Officers make up the workforce representation of the academy.

Section speakers

Scientists in full-time employment at the academy can be elected as section speakers. Two spokespersons are appointed to speak on behalf of each section and they are authorised to represent the section’s scientific interests vis-à-vis the Executive Committee. 

Staff council

The staff council represents all employees of the academy. It fulfils the same role as a works council and its members are elected for five years. 


Equal opportunities commissioner

The Equal Opportunities Officers are appointed by the President of the Academy for a period of 5 years. They monitor compliance with the equality concept and are the contact persons for questions or complaints regarding equality between women and men.

Thomas Kraus

Severine Müller
Stellvertretende Gleichstellungsbeauftragte

Contact via mail: gleichstellung@badw.de

Disability liaison officers

  • Maxime Pedrotti 
  • Vertrauensperson Schwerbehinderte
  • Dr. Christina Dieckhoff
    1. stellvertretende Vertrauensperson
  • Stephan Fritsch
    2. stellvertretende Vertrauensperson